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July 07, 2012:
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Party Koozies as Give Aways.

Encapsulate the Message: Koozies in Business, Weddings and Even Parties

The sheer variety of things that you can do with koozies is limited only by your imagination. One thing that you have to remember about koozies is that you’re actually dealing with a medium, not a finished product. Koozies can be used blank, sure, but that’s not the point of customizing it for particular needs.

Social events

Contrary to common belief, koozies can be used as a great give-away even for weddings. Of course, you would not want to give away koozies that state, “Drink More Beer!” This is why you have to customize it. A funn saying honoring the Bride or Groom or a sweet poem is appropriate.

If you want to remind people continually of the joy of your wedding, then you can print exactly that sentiment on the front side of a koozie. You can have you and your spouse’s names, along with a quote or theme from your wedding.

For example, a lacy arc on top of the koozie can say, “The Real Honeymoon Never Ends.” Such with can only be practiced if you have enough concrete surface to print on; koozies are naturally wide in span.

For businesses

Koozies are beneficial to corporate-sponsored events because they can easily advertise whatever it is that needs to be communicated to the clientele. An example would be of course the services or products of a company.

If you represent a computer retailing business and you have a unique logo that encourages nearly instant recall (like the apple logo for Apple Computers) then use that to your advantage.

The notable thing about koozies is that it’s always in use. And since most koozies are now built with thermal fibers, even company-sponsored koozies won’t disappoint its recipients. That translates to fewer expenses on your part, and a whole lot of satisfaction for potential consumers.

As a simple gift

If you’re buying koozies to simply give to a friend, then now would be a great time to exercise your imagination. Metallic inks are now being used extensively to widen the vista of koozie imprinting.

Don’t hesitate to ask printers if they can go the extra mile in printing something on both sides of the koozie. For example, you might want to put the face of your friend or colleague in front, and his favorite line on the other side.

Most printers charge a small charge when you want to print on the other side of a koozie. Nonetheless, if it’s a special gift then it’s probably worth the extra $10 or so.

Designs galore

Many online koozie retailers allow you to browse extensive collections of possible koozie designs. The fun part here is that you can mix and match images along with the texts themselves. Imprinted texts are never ordinary- though many imprinters are limited to fonts from Microsoft.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use your own computer fonts or images. Online design galleries are at best suggestions. One good way to maximize your satisfaction is by getting a pre-formed graphic that you like and altering it to suit your taste. This way, the gift would not be completely the product of just the printers, but you.

The whole deal

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