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July 07, 2012:
We have added stadium cups, wine wraps and 4 color printing.


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Types of Koozie® Can Koolers

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At Logo Koozies, we get asked quite often which is the best type of insulator.

Our insulators get broken down in to two main categories, and then there are some other interesting styles that are popular.

  • Foam Insulators
  • Collapsible Insulators
  • Other cool Styles
  • Foam insulators are the sturdy stand up insulators that are very popular. They have the best cooling properties, and fit cans very nicely. These insulators allow for nice printing, and serve dual purpose as you can use them on a desk to hold pens, scissors, etc.
  • Collapsible insulators are equally popular as they fold up and are quite portable. They can be mailed, or put in small places. There are two basic materials in the construction of these insulators. Fabric and Neoprene. Fabric is just that, a fabric that covers a spongy surface, and Neoprene which is made out of wetsuit material. The fabric fits cans well and is loose on botles, Neoprene, due to its stretchy material fits cans and bottles well, and is just a great product.
    Other cool Insulators
  • Bottle Insulators - there are a couple of styles of bottle insulators which are made for longneck bottles. The slip on style, which just slips on over the top of a bottle and pulls down, and the zipper style which has a zipper that seals the insulator.
  • Wine Wraps - These are perfectly sized for a wine glass, and are quite fun.
  • Slim Can Insulators - which fit those small thin cans perfectly.
For all of these styles we recommend Kustom Koozies or the other companies linked here. Logo Koozies is a resource for great marketing ideas. We can help your company reach out to the world and get your name out there. Small businesses, large businesses, home based businesses, charities, non-profits, churches can all take advantage of marketing promotional products. It is the ideal way to keep your brand out there in front of your customer and future customer.

We feel that KOOZIE® Can Koolers are an ideal promotional tool as they are inexpensive, useful and last a long time.

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